A Good Joe

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. As beautiful as the weather has been, it’s a shame to spend any daylight hours inside. Unfortunately, I have to admit my curiosity of what the Republicans have on Hillary got the best of me. I spent the day yesterday glued to CNN on the big screen in the Rec room. I’m embarrassed, but we already know I’ve got issues.

Before I tear into the whole Benghazi kerfuffle, I’d like to comment on another piece of political news. This piece of news actually has some meat on the bone, unlike Benghazi. Joe Biden has finally announced once and for all that he is not going to throw his hat in the ring and attempt to derail the Hillary train. If there has every been a better public servant than Joe Biden, I don’t know about him. While his decision has been linked to his grief over his oldest son dyeing from brain cancer, I suspect that Biden’s interest in being part of the first female presidency also plays a part of his decision.

That’s the kind of guy Joe is, always looking out for others and working hard to ensure that people of all stripes have the opportunity to live the American dream. Biden is that rare individual that took the opportunities he had available to him and used them to better himself and those around him. He was the youngest elected Senator and was fourth in seniority when he resigned the Senate to be Vice President. There is no doubt that little of President Obama’s progressive agenda would have ever become law without Biden’s massaging Congress. The fact that Biden is willing to step aside from running is another example of his selfless devotion to the principles of the Democrat party. We need more like him.

What we don’t need more of is twits like the Republican congress. Now, I admit I am showing a bit of the twit mentality by staying glued to the TV for ten hours in anticipation of Hillary pulling an Uzi from her purse and mowing down her tormentors. I mean, that’s what “stand your ground” is based on, right? If you feel threatened, you’re legally obligated to open fire, right?

Well, Hillary didn’t seem to be interested enough in the prosecution to get involved in a shootout. In fact, most of the time Hillary exhibited the traits of a person who has successfully attended ten thousand rubber chicken dinners without throttling the boorish diplomat sitting next to her. Clearly, I say again, this ain’t Hillary’s first rodeo. If experience is what you’re looking for in a presidential candidate, look no further.

The Democrat members of the committee did provide some context for the viewing audience. Pointing out that this was the eighth investigation was damning evidence that it was partisan motivated and not an attempt to find the truth. I mean, to launch an eighth investigation into a matter would be saying that the seven that came before where flawed, right? Does that mean we can haul the members of the other seven committees before the American people and question their motives for not sending Hillary to Federal prison for treason? The mind boggles.

My big take away, and with respect to the family members of those who died there, stuff happens. Stuff in the Middle East happens more violently and more unpredictably. Accepting a foreign post, whether with the State department or the military, comes with inherent risks. Trying to hold the Secretary of State responsible for a terrorist attack is lunacy. As Hillary pointed out, the “professionals”, the CIA, NSA, and the military are the ones responsible for assessing the risk and moving the proper resources into play. If a position is thought to be indefensible, we abandon it. We’ve done it a hundred times before.

Clearly the “professionals” didn’t think this was the case in Benghazi. Why Congress is not questioning the heads of those agencies is a puzzlement if they truly believe Benghazi was preventable, and the hearings aren’t a partisan witch hunt.

I mean the concept of Hillary strapped with bandoliers and an AK in each hand being dropped behind enemy lines at night by a BlackHawk helicopter, ala Rambo style, is somewhat titillating. Realistic, no, but keeping with the theme of what the Republicans appear to be defining the Secretary of State job to be.

As previously stated, the Republicans seem to be having a problem with reality. Might be the home-schooling.

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