This Is Our Year – Florida

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. The forecast of rainy and gloomy for the next few days will fit my mood just fine. The bright ray of sunshine in my existence is that I got through yesterday’s debacle in Jacksonville without a drink. I can see how numbing the constant pain of missed opportunities seemed like a good idea to me before. I am a changed man now, though. What might have ended in a drunken row, or charges of vehicular homicide of a fiberglass gator, instead ended in a night of fitful sleep.

Let me start recounting the events of the game by making a prediction. I think this is Coach Richt’s last year. Clearly the fire is gone. He has climbed to the top of his mountain and does not have the fire within to reach higher. I imagine he’s got enough cash ferreted away to fund whatever endeavors his heart desires. I expect he will make it to the end of the season and not go cold turkey like Coach Spurrier, but I do think the search committee should get right on his replacement.

We started the game with some wrinkles. Faton Bauta, the third string quarterback, played the whole game. Faton was picked because he added the component of a running quarterback to the mix. Strange, he ran only 3 times for 4 yards. I guess the Gators weren’t tricked. Speaking of tricked, we also had some treats in our bag for the Gators. Four interceptions and a muffed punt for a touchdown. The muffed punt was all the Gators needed to beat us.


Faton Bauta was not game ready, it was clear his timing was off. He was 15 of 23 for 154 yards with no touchdowns and four interceptions. Hopefully he’ll get more reps this week if they plan on starting him against Kentucky.

Sony Michel was ineffectual either by game plan, or a well coached Gator defense. Sony finished the day with 45 yards rushing on 13 attempts and added another 19 yards in the air. He seemed to suffer a hand injury which could have played a part in his low productivity.

Malcolm Mitchell contributed 60 yards receiving, on just 4 receptions. There was more to be had, we just couldn’t get the timing right.

Terry Godwin, our hope for the future, finished the evening with 42 yards receiving, on just 4 receptions. I am at a loss as to why Terry was not helping on kickoffs and punt returns. Reggie Davis, the goat of the game, certainly needed the help.


The Dawgs continue to improve, but you can only leave them on the field for so long before they wear out. Florida accounted for over 400 yards of offense with 258 of it coming on the ground. I believe the Gator’s top runner was a Freshman, which does not bode well for our future. Our Freshmen played well, which does gives us hopes for our future.

Special teams:

Suck. Collin Barber’s inadequate punting has been replaced by Brice Ramsey, which was an improvement. Muffed punts for a touchdown, running kickoffs out from deep in the end zone, you name it. Reggie Davis was a one man wrecking crew, for the Gators. Does he have a replacement?

Time of possession was tilted in the Gator’s favor, 37 minutes to 23. Looks like I need to send the coaches another memo about possession.

We can at least take comfort in other people’s sorrow, Georgia Tech lost again. Hopefully the Bees will be totally interested in basketball by the time we get there.

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