The Beginning of a New Era

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. I’ve just about gotten everything straightened up again here in the Rec room after our Democratic Debate party. Since I expected a smaller turnout than the Republican Debate, I offered to have Chipotle cook up the dinner for us.

I figured an ethnic theme would be a good show of diversity for the Democrats. What I didn’t realize was that the Republicans here at TackyToo will put aside their prejudices for a free meal. I think the Democrat Debate had about ten more folks than the Republican Debates. I am not foolish enough to think that a free burrito will be enough to change a vote, but I do hope that the more xenophobic members of our group will soften their hearts a little for our Hispanic neighbors. I am also hopeful that some of these folks will realize that if it’s not the illegals picking the fruits and vegetables, it’s us. That’s how it’s has always worked, you just need to look at history.

Anyway, the debates got off to a good start, and I’d like to report that the members of our audience were way more respectful than that uppity snot Anderson Cooper. I am so over the media trying to not look Liberal by pillorying the Democrats that I want to throw a shoe at the moderator. The first few minutes of the show were direct, over the top questions to Hillary about non-issues, and then calling in the other candidates to maul her. To the credit of all of the candidates, they resisted the call to act like a pack of republican jackals. At one point, Bernie Sanders got in the one liner of the night in his defense of Hillary by saying that nobody wanted to hear about Hillary’s “damn emails”. The crowd loved it and Anderson Cooper had to pull his tail back between his legs and retreat. Good on Bernie. Even the crowd at TackyToo applauded, they seem to know it’s a Republican red herring.

As I looked over the Democrat field, I thought, three out of five ain’t bad. The Republicans would kill to have sixty percent of their candidates be viable for the top office in the world. I have to admit that my biggest concern is the age of the candidates, with O’Malley being the whipper-snapper at 52. I like my presidents to have a lot to live for, I especially like for them to have school age children. It’s amazing how children can shape a parent’s worldview, even if he or she is president. Maybe being a grandparent will work the same, let’s hope so.

As I saw the night:

Hillary Clinton – it was her night to lose favor, and she didn’t. In fact, the bullying by Anderson Cooper probably helped her. She was well rehearsed, well spoken, and quick on her feet. Even when trapped in a corner she turned the conversation to her benefit. A very statesman like performance and clear proof that this is not her first rodeo.

Bernie Sanders – a stellar performance, it’s just a shame that he was there at Methuselah’s Bar Mitzvah. The high points of his night were the defense of Hillary, and his call to look at the Scandinavian countries for answers of how to benefit the people and elevate all workers. His low point is his defense of the gun industry. Must be his fear of another Holocaust.

Martin O’Malley – another big winner of the night. Flashed his Progressive credentials as Governor and never let off the gas in explaining how a rising tide lifts all boats. I would love to think he would be the candidate and could win against any Republican, but I’m afraid Trump would blow him off of the stage. I’ll be happy with him as number two until the next election.

Jim Webb – hero this, hero that, speaks Vietnamese and apparently never got over the experience of Viet Nam. His Viet Nam vet status probably explains his obsession with keeping China at bay, and what appears to be a strong under current of hatred for the Chinese. Complained all night about being left out of the conversation, and he should have been.

Lincoln Chaffee – I’m a Republican, I’m an Independent, I’m a Democrat, I’m a loser. His best answers were when he parroted others, look for him to fold soon. 

All and all a good night, and hopefully some of my die hard Repubs here a TackyToo will refuse to vote yet once again for their tormentors. We’ll see.

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