Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. Freedom is a wonderful thing. The extended range of my new anklet lets me roam the entire property now without going off like a fire alarm. My first complete tour of TackyToo in nine months has revealed quite a few violations.

I’ve used the new iPhone Mulva bought me to record the transgressions. We’ll be sending out notices of cease and desist in the mail to the tenants that have overstepped their bounds. I find that the U.S. Mail is far less confrontational than I am.

images2Speaking of confrontational, a lot of folks have decided to broadcast to everyone that they are perfectly capable of handling their own security. Outside of our peeper, we’ve been crime free here at TackyToo as long as I can remember. No need for armed rednecks in my opinion.


Seems like some folks objected to the Big Brother methods used to catch our peeper and decided to post a “heads up” to other would be criminals. I guess the sign is as good a deterrent as those “Protected By” signs in the fancy neighborhoods. I may leave this one up, I’ll have to find out who to reimburse if I do.


There’s no mistaking the intent of this homeowner who felt compelled to post these signs:






I was particularly impressed with his advice for the C.S.I.

images1We don’t take kindly to the free market at TackyToo, unless of course it’s us doing the marketing.images5




Same goes for political signs. This one is quite the puzzler because Rabun county is two counties over to the East. The folks that live here aren’t kin to the candidate, so I’m wondering if this is an attempt at humor, or pop art. Trailer park folk can be quite creative, but I’ll not question them directly about it. I’m avoiding confrontation, you know.


You have to admire this fellow courageously posting his life’s mantra on his driveway right next to his mailbox. I looked for the sign that usually accompanies this sign, you know, the one that says, “It’s always time for a drink”. I guess someone else had grabbed the companion sign. I’m sure it will pop up.

There are a few outright violations, like this fire pit built in between two propane tanks. Folks will do the strangest things to try to emulate the people they see on the show “Cribs”. This homeowner must have asked himself, “If “Little Jay” can have a fire pit in his yard to hang with his “homeys”, why can’t I?” Well, because it’s a dumb stupid idea and against the park rules. That’s why.

images13The kicker was this little bit of art work left by my “Lawn Care Specialist”, in response to his dismissal. The artwork was entitled “Bird Flu”. Unfortunately, I stomped the sign into oblivion before snapping the picture. I guarantee you, I will be answering questions for months to come about whether folks should get another flu shot or not.

“Bud, is this really turkey?”, will be the question at Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, that specialist got me good.

Well, as you can see, lot’s to do, better get at it.

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