This Is Our Year – South Carolina

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. What a beautiful day and what a gorgeous night. If there’s a better place to be than the mountains of North Georgia in the Fall, then I don’t want to hear about it. My mind would be blown.

The game got off to a little bit of a shaky start tonight. Mulva was late with the sandwiches. How that matters is, here at TackyToo, we have a tradition that buying a Subway sandwich for whoevers’ butt is in the chair in the lounge gets you the right to the TV controller and the center seat. The seating capacity is twelve in the lounge of the Rec room and it is a much more intimate experience than the main hall of the Rec room. I guess buying a sandwich for folks was an apology Daddy made to everyone for taking over the TV on game day. I have carried on the tradition. Al Katz was pretending he was interested in watching the Auburn- LSU game, but Mulva showed up just after kickoff of the Georgia game. Al took his sandwich and went down to the main hall.

Well, let me say that Mulva’s tardiness was the only hitch in an otherwise perfect evening. Our beloved Dawgs soundly trounced the interlopers from South Carolina 52 to 20 in a record setting night in Athens. Steve Spurrier, Darth Visor, finally received some of his own medicine from the boys in red as we continued to score after the game was well in hand. This will be a highlight reel for the ages, but a few performances stand out.

Greyson Lambert: Greyson Who? turned in to Greyson WOO HOO!, as Greyson broke Mike Bobo’s record for straight completions and the NCAA record for passing completion. He even ran for 10 yards. Great job.

Nick Chubb: Of course, but against a qualified SEC defense, Chubb ran for 159 yards on 21 carries. This brings his run of 100 yard games to 12, within 1 of Herschel’s record. Chubb was gone 2,000 yards in his career at Georgia.

Sony Michel: Continues to be a threat from the backfield on the ground and in the air with 51 yards rushing and 32 yards in the air.

Malcolm Mitchell contributed 122 yards receiving, 2 of which were neat little back shoulder throws. Malcolm tops the list of 9 players making 24 catches on the evening. Allstate’s going to need to change their slogan, this group of Bulldogs are truly, “the good hands people”.

Defensively the Dawgs took what the Old Ball Coach threw at them and chewed it up and spit it out. The Gamecocks were held to 84 yards passing and 174 yards rushing as Spurrier threw everyone into the scheme, including the drum major. It was to no avail as the Bulldog defense held the Gamecocks in check for most of the game, particularly after the first half. A mental lapse on the last Gamecock score was quickly addressed on the sidelines by coach Pruitt. I love that kind of attention to detail. I also love that interception machine, Dominick Sanders.

Special teams are, “special” and will continue to need work if we are to continue our championship run. We overran our coverage several times last night on kickoff coverage. Had it not been for the fine tackling skills of Marshall Morgan, our kicker, the score could have been very different. Kickoff returns were way too close to touchdowns for my liking. Morgan was 1 of 1 in the field goal department and hit all of his extra points. A fine night. Isiah McKenzie continues to be lightning in a bottle with 40 yards in kickoff returns and 22 yards in punt returns. Speaking of punts, top punter of the night goes to Brice Ramsey, our backup quarterback. Clearly we are blessed with talent.

Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia Tech lost. Could life get any better?

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