Duggaring II

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. The weather has abated somewhat and we’re experiencing highs in the 80’s instead of the 90’s. I can be outside now for two hours before needing to change my sweat soaked underwear. Changing clothes every half hour was creating a strain on the laundromat, not to mention my quarter stack. It’s important to have good hygiene, though. 

Speaking of hygiene, I’ll continue my rant from yesterday about the Duggar family in general and Josh Duggar specifically. Anybody that knows anything about addictions, and I mean drink, drugs, gambling, sex, porn, whatever, knows that for the addict to continue on their course there has to be what are called “enablers”. Enablers are people that either out-right help the addict pursue their vice of choice, or passively turn a blind eye to their actions and allow the addict to continue on. Sometimes enablers get fed up and come together to stage what is called an intervention. The intervention lets the addict know that the people who have been supporting his behavior are not going to support it anymore. In the case of Josh Duggar, I see lots of enablers, and no intervention. The financial enabler, TLC, did not do proper vetting of the family or they would have found that Josh was already a criminal before the first episode aired.

TLC, the network producing the show, apparently did not vet the family at all. The “Touching Little Children” network has a bad history with regard to pedophiles, see “Honey Boo Boo”, “Sons of Guns”, “Cheer Perfection”, and “Cake Boss”. The show “Toddlers and Tiaras” was based on prepubescent children being paraded in adult costumes flaunting their sexuality. One has to ask the question if someone at TLC has a problem and they are acting out using the airwaves. If not, someone should have dug a little deeper early on and never allowed this bunch of hypocrites on the air. The fame and fortune provided by TLC was a huge enabler to the Duggar clan and Josh specifically. Josh was able to parlay his fame into a Washington Lobbyist job that promoted family values. Irony ? “Incest is the game the whole family can play”.

Josh lived in a hyper-sexual environment without a normal outlet. When I say hyper-sexual, I mean that from the time that the kids learn where babies come from, they knew that that old billy goat Jim Bob was “loving” Michelle, how much of it took place in front of the kids has not been reported. Michelle’s health, or even the health of the baby didn’t weigh as heavily on Jim Bob’s actions as his desires. (addict?) We know Jim Bob’s motivation was to overpopulate the acolytes of all of the other religious persuasions with his own sycophants. We know that Jim Bob’s daughters were taught a total submissive role to males, and the males must have been taught their dominance of the females. We can surmise that within this environment of  hyper-sexuality that when Josh hit puberty, he probably had some issues. Instead of being able to have a girl friend to satisfy his “too curious about girls” nature, he was forced to seek answers with his siblings. The “too curious about girls” description came from two of his victims in an interview on Faux News. The statement places the sisters in a unique position, victims and enablers.

The details in the police report about how Josh molested his sisters reminds me of the movie “Tommy”. The trusted babysitter, Uncle Ernie, would act out his perversion while the Who sang, “Down with the bedclothes, up with the nightclothes, fiddling about, fiddling about. ” Like Uncle Ernie, Josh got found out and the measures taken by the parents to protect the girls and get help for their son make the most simple minded parent want to scream “balderdash” at the top of their lungs. Locking the girls in their room at night didn’t prevent Josh from duggaring his five year old sister while he read her a book as she sat naked in his lap. Locking the girls in their room at night didn’t prevent Josh from violating a babysitter who had fallen asleep on the sofa.

I guess marrying Josh off as soon as they could did remove him from focusing on his sisters for satisfaction, we hope. Josh and his wife moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue his job of telling other people how to live as Christians. Josh, however, lived by a different set of standards. We learned this week that apparently being married to just one woman wasn’t enough, as Josh’s name was exposed as a member of Ashley Madison, a hookup site for married people. In spite of attempting to best his old man in the baby making record, and preaching long and hard about how the rest of us should live our lives, Josh still found the time to seek out lonely married women and offer them comfort as only a Duggar man can.

Well, I see by the Dr. Pepper clock it’s 1:15, I’ve got to wrap this one up. I don’t know that I’m finished with it yet. This is some bunch of sick puppies!

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