A June Wedding?

BudLiteGood morning, y’all.The last of the sprinkles are moving through the area. It must be this hard wind that’s pushing them out. I can’t tell if the wind is coming from Canada or Texas. It’s a chilly wind, so I’ll guess it’s of a Northern nature. The winds coming from the Southwest are of a dry, “melt your brain” variety. It’s a little early for them yet, I hope. I’ve got a lot of landscaping to do before calling it a season, and once those “Santa Ana” winds from Texas arrive, I’m done.

Speaking of Summer, we got a visit from my daughter Melody and her intended Alex tonight. It seems like they’re planning on a June wedding, and we all couldn’t be happier. There are millions of details, of which I am happy to let them work out. I’m happy to be the gofer and general flunky. I just don’t see me getting involved in picking out napkins and plates and all of that stuff for the reception. It’s not that I wouldn’t give it my best shot, I just think there are a lot more people, with better taste, that could do a much better job.

The couple has decided to hold the reception in the Rec room, and I think it’s a great idea. I’m happy to decorate the Rec room in what ever theme I’m given. There’s no point in renting the American Legion hall or some other spot when we have the Rec room right here at our disposal. I don’t think the reception is going to be the issue, regardless. The wedding might be problematic, though.

Melody would like to get married at the old church, “The Little Church In The Valley”, even though they could probably fill the “Crystal Palace”. As mentioned earlier, Melody is gay, and her recent coming out was announced at the same time we were introduced to Alex, her betrothed. In our eyes, Alex was elevated from the status of roommate to “being the one”, sort of in one breath. I was kind of surprised, and kind of not, you know? As pretty as Melody is, she never had a boyfriend that stuck for any length of time. I’ve never been one to rush my kids into getting married, or having children, so I was ok with Melody taking it slow. I guess I was kind of slow in not recognizing the situation for myself, but as previously mentioned, I’ve got issues of my own to deal with.

Anyway, getting a preacher to marry the couple is not going to be our issue, I think. The Right Reverend Dale E. Bread is beholding to Mulva and I. If he had any personal reservations, I think he’d forgo them in our case. From everything I’ve seen, the Reverend Helen Handbasket would not offer any resistance to performing the ceremony. The Reverend Helen Handbasket seems to genuinely believe in “loving one another as oneself”. She has spoken out against the stupidity of the discriminatory laws being passed by various state legislatures around the South, so I think she’d be on board. In fact, she might enjoy the opportunity to practice what she preaches. No, I think the attempts to roadblock a “gay wedding” will come from the Elders.

It’s a sad thing to say that folks you’ve known all of your lifetime would throw themselves in the path of your child’s happiness. Sadly, I think the Elders would try to prevent the wedding because they felt like the wedding was going to cause some irreparable harm to the fabric of the universe or something. Even here in the mountains, we’ve come to the point that almost everyone will admit that “every family has ‘one'”. Most folks will admit that they love dear cousin Michael, “even though he never married”. It’s just that accepting gays as equals is not possible for some folks. It’s like they think that anything other than shunning and condemnation is going to make “gay” spread like the flu. In these people’s minds, if left unchecked, everybody will have it.

Well, let me just say here and now, we’re going to work this out so that my daughter has the most special day of her lifetime. Melody will get the wedding she has always dreamed of, if it harelips the Pope. So help me Bud!

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