Old Cast to New Cast

Family New Family
Buford Forrest Lite Buford Forrest Lyte
Mulva Payne Lite Mulva Payne Lyte
Moore Payne Moore Payne
Deidra Payne Deidra Payne
Lester Payne Lester Payne
Saffron Payne Saffron Payne
Buford Forrest Lite Junior Buford Forrest Lyte Junior
Crystal Lite Crystal Lyte
Buford III, Trey Buford III, Trey
Melody Scarlett Lite Melody Scarlett Lyte
Alex Alex
Bocephus Buford Lite Bocephus Buford Lyte
Bonita Bonita
Inez Inez
Amanda “Granny” Waller Amanda “Granny” Waller
Ben Ben
Uncle Ebb Uncle Ebb
Cousin Sissie Cousin Sissie
Bodine Bodine
Buck Buck
Ike Ike
Aunt Lea Lite Simmons Aunt Lea Lyte Simmons
Rad Rad
Hanna Bea Lowe Lite Morris Hanna Bea Lowe Lyte Morris
Charlotte Charlotte
Judd Judd
Tabitha Tabitha
Dreidel Zaydel Dreidel Zaydel
Two Daughters Two Daughters
Juan Gordito Juan Gordito
Jackson Lee Jackson Lee
Maggie Lee Maggie Lee
Tina Tina
Wilton Ben Lowe Wilton Ben Lowe
Rose Bush Lowe Rose Bush Lowe
Edna Lowe Poufle Edna Lowe Poufle
Lucinda Weezle Lucinda Weezle
Lauren Waddles Lauren Waddles
Matilda Lowe Matilda Lowe
George Morris George Morris
Characters Characters
A.C. Down A.C. Down
B. A. Ware B. A. Ware
Ms. Filet Minyon Ms. Filet Minyon
Dale E. Bread Dale E. Bannock
Alva Bread Alva Bannock
Devin Bread Devin Bannock
Dahlia Bread Dahlia Bannock
Daniel Daniel
David David
Daisy Daisy
Darius Darius
Daphne Daphne
Adam Dimwit Adam Dimwit
Baldwin Rood Baldwin Rood
Sue Yoo Sue Yoo
Louise Louise
Axel Rhodes Axel Rhodes
Dilbert Pickles Dilbert Pickles
Anita Goodman Anita Goodman
Yuri Stinkherr Yuri Stinkherr
Widow Ferguson Widow Ferguson
Al Katz Al Katz
Tabby Katz Tabby Katz
Danny Katz Danny Katz
Filet Minyon Filet Minyon
Ben Dover & Eileen Dover Ben Dover & Eileen Dover
Hugh Morris Hugh Morris
Ann Wallace Ann Wallace
Ms. Alice Smotes, Esq. Ms. Alice Smotes, Esq.
Constance Winer Constance Winter
Barb Barb
Suzanne Suzanne
Chris Coe Chris Coe
Helga H. Heidleberg Helga H. Heidleberg
Wiley, Cheatum and Howe Wiley, Cheatle and Digger
Andy Anderson Andy Anderson
Harden Krimnle Harden Krimnle
Anna Juliette Smith Anna Juliette Smith
Aunt Sudy Aunt Sudy
Aunt Ida Aunt Ida
Elder Barry Diggum Elder Barry Digger
Elder Buster Cheatum Elder Buster Cheatle
Elder Alvin Wiley Elder Alvin Wiley
Waldo Inacrowd (in training) Walter Doucet (in training)
Hiram H. Hoakum Hiram H. Hawker
Ruth Ruth
Levi T. Hoakum Levi T. Hawker
Daniel W. Daniel W.
Sara Sara
Evan “Bubba” Hoakum Evan “Bubba” Hawker
Ophelia Bottoms Ophelia Simmons
Hap T. Johnson Hap T. Johnson
Crystal Chandle Leer Crystal Chandle Leer
The Hummingbirds The Hummingbirds
Al DaBino Al DaBino
Bill Foldes Bill Plier
Brighton Early Brighton Bellows
Rocky Rhodes Rocky Rhodes
Helena Handbasket Helena Corbeille
Evan Elpus Evan Ayudarnos
Ephram Ephram
Buck Buck
Annie Howe Annie Howe
Lavonia Lavonia
April April
Tory Tory
Howard Doohan Howard Doohan
Jebediah Dye Jebediah Dyson
Ben Weinberg Ben Weinberg
Ima Goochey Ira Goodson
Ted E. Baer and His Love Fellowship Ted E. Baer and His Love Fellowship